Jim R. Woolard

Blood at Dawn

There was hardly a meaner man than the one who sold St. Clairís troops everything from shovels to horseshoes. Caleb Downer was as tough as old rawhide, but he cared for son, Ethan, and taught him everything he knew about being a wilderness man. Barely past being a boy, Ethan knew how to survive in a land where anyone might be your enemy and any moment might be your last. And it would all come in handy on that savage, bloody dawn in 1791--when St. Clairís army, and all who traveled with it, would need more than mere bravery to walk away with their lives.

Selected Works

Frontier Fiction
A rousing tale of a young Ohio frontiersman who escapes the clutches of hostile Shawnee Indians and white settlers with hanging rope in hand.
Danger, war and romance on the Ohio frontier.
A fictional recounting of the massacre of General St. Clairís army by the Ohio Indians.