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Thunder in the Valley

“Before there were fur trappers... there were the long hunters. It took someone with the sizable talent of Jim Woolard to bring the drama of and passion of that early era to the pages of America’s historical novel.”
--Terry C. Johnston, bestselling author of The Cry of the Hawk and Carry the Wind.

Cold Moon

“Jim Woolard’s Cold Moon takes us back to the Shawnee war of 1793 in the Ohio wilderness, when death lurked at every bend in the dark forest trails and neither side offered any quarter.”
--Elmer Kelton, author of The Good Old Boys and Six Bits a Day.

“In Cold Moon, the seminal early frontier stories of James Fenimore Cooper have found a serious rival at last.”
--Loren D. Estleman, author of Jitterbug and White Desert.

“Jim R. Woolard has done it again... A must read for every historical fiction fan.”
--Ellen Recknor, author of Prophet Annie.

Blood at Dawn

“An authentic new voice in historical fiction... Woolard knows how to tell a damn good story.”
--Terry C. Johnston